UV-Ice Dubbing is another very fine dubbing material with high ultraviolet iridescent shine. Glossy fibers in this blend significantly influence the efficiency of flies. Even a small amount of this material that you add to common, especially natural, dubbings has a decisive impact on the attractiveness of your flies. Thanks to these features, UV-Ice Dubbing is therefore an ideal material for tying all kinds of trigger points. For example the “hearts” of Czech Nymphs, thoraxes of tungsten or traditionally tied nymphs and bodies of wet flies or still water lures. You can use this dubbing individually or mixed with natural dubbings, such as Czech Nymph and Rabbit Fur dubbings. With these mixtures you achieve a very interesting effect worth trying. The “airy” structure of this dubbing expands the use to fly tying of river and lake patterns of artificial flies.

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